Hello and welcome to STL Dog Blog!  I’m excited to be movin’ and shakin’ behind a keyboard again!  I love writing about the things I learn and sharing them with the world.  I’m (essentially) an STL native and I love so much about this wonderful city.  I live in South City with my three dogs: Leila Marie & Lenny Lew (both rescued full breed boxers) and Annie Banannie, a rescued hound mix.

I own a dog walking and pet sitting company, Canine to 5 Petsitters, LLC, that primarily serves South St. Louis City.  We go to to peoples’ homes while they’re working or out of town and we provide customized care for their pets. On beautiful fall afternoons when I walk dogs, I feel like I have the best job ever. On Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve night when the rest of the world seems to be celebrating with their families and I have to leave mine to go out for evening rounds, it’s the loneliest and most isolating job ever. It’s truly a labor of love.

One thing I love about my job is the meaningful connections I get to make with others who are just passionate about pets.  Generally speaking, people who take the time and make room in their budgets to hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter are pretty cool people.  And, generally speaking, people who work in any capacity to improve the lives of animals are pretty cool people.  I’ve made some really great connections in my work.

Aside from running my business, I’ve gotten involved in animal welfare. For the last five years, I’ve been involved with Strut Your Mutt St. Louis, a dog walk and festival brought to us by Best Friends Animal Society.  I started out with an exhibitor booth for the first two years, then joined the planning committee as the Marketing Outreach Coordinator, was promoted to Event Director in year four and essentially combined both roles in 2016 as Event Director and Marketing Outreach Lead.  It was in my role as Marketing Outreach Lead that I realized St. Louis doesn’t have a resource like this, so I decided to do it.

I’ve learned quite a lot about animal welfare in working with Best Friends. I’ve finally found something that I’m truly passionate about and I’ve got a lot to say and share. I love working with Best Friends because it’s a really positive organization with some pretty lofty goals (#NoKill2025 #SaveThemAll). Engaging in meaningful work and volunteering my time and talent to an organization I believe in has made me a better human being.  I encourage everyone to donate their time and talents to something that makes this world a better place.

So, my intention with STL Dog Blog is to explore all of the things St. Louis has to offer pets and their owners. There are countless services, opportunities to engage with other dog lovers, places for you to get involved & volunteer and experts in an array of topics and issues who love to share their knowledge. I’m going to research these things and bring them to you!

*I have been following the Stray Rescue distemper outbreak for a few days and formulating lots of thoughts and questions, as many people have. People tend to ask my take on animal-related matters. Then I realized that I’m in no way qualified to comment on any of it. (I’m going to research some of my questions as they relate to policy, procedure and protocol and will report back.) I do want to point out; however, that while those particular animals are on quarantine, this is a great time to explore the different no-kill rescues in the Greater St. Louis Area and learn about their unique missions and outreach programs.  They all have something special to offer and if you’re in the market to adopt a new pet, check them out!