It’s finally starting to feel like fall. Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  Without fail, I receive emergency phone calls requesting pet care because someone’s plans fell through.  While I totally understand that the expense of hiring a professional pet sitter isn’t one everyone can afford, I always stick by the motto that “you get what you pay for”. And I’ve seen many times that free pet care equals bad pet care.

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving (or any other time during the holidays), now is the time to book your services. Below is a short list of professional pet care services I highly recommend. Each of these companies is bonded and insured and hires highly qualified staff. Do your research, check online reviews, ask for references.

Canine to 5 Petsitters, LLC for dog and cat pet sitting services.

Mutton Chops Pet Services for dog and cat pet sitting services

No Leash Needed for dog boarding services.  Multiple locations, including Rock Hill and South City.

St. Louis Dog Walkers for dog and cat pet sitting services. I know the owner, Peter Barnidge, and he is awesome!

The Watering Bowl for dog boarding services. Multiple locations, including Brentwood, The Grove and South County.