10.  She has a big heart – this is the most obvious reason. Clearly if she loves animals and their well-being, she has lots of love to give. This. This, alone.

9.  She’s used to sharing her stuff – we share our food with our dogs. We go out of our ways to make room on the couch so they can binge watch Shameless, with us. We share our beds. What’s ours is theirs, and while this means you’ll get slightly less than you’d otherwise expect (because we still sharing with them), you’ll always be considered.

8.  She will literally do anything for you – We do some pretty crazy things for the benefit of animals. We’ve been known to knit our old dogs sweaters because they get cold easily and why would you buy a sweater when knitting one comes from the heart and means so much more? We will do special searches for pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, so we can include them on our vacations. We will leave the television on Cartoon Network, Animal Planet or even our favorite news program during election season so they can be informed voters. No request is too big, too small or too outlandish for us.

7.  She’s spontaneous – We see the need for a foster or transport and we are right there, ready to help with whatever we can do. This may mean you’re on the hook for some work you hadn’t expected, but spontaneity is good for the soul, so consider it as a favor we are doing for you. You’re welcome!

6.  She’s committed – We have committed to the well-being of our animals for a lifetime.  We even know we will have to make a very selfless and heart wrenching decision one day, and we still make that commitment. Trust me. This is the type of girl you want in your life.

5.  That smile! – Have you ever seen the radiance and joy on a girl’s face when her dog greets her or even when she meets a stranger’s dog? Yeah. You can’t make that up. And it’s adorable.

4.  Your hoodie collection will increase, almost immediately – If your girl is in rescue, she will want to rock all the rescue gear loud and proud (and of course, support rescue by purchasing all this merchandise, you know, for advertising purposes).

3.  You’ll meet some pretty awesome people. And pets! – While there’s never a shortage of eccentricity in the animal welfare world, animal lovers are generally really awesome people. Spend time with a girl who surrounds herself with awesome people.

2.  Passion, purpose and ambition are attractive – We rescue girls know what we want and we are relentless. Enough said.

1.  You’re going to get lots of exercise – Whether you’re walking the dogs or doing heavy lifting at special events, we’ve got a special, physical task for you in mind, and lucky for you, you get to be the hero who does it. #winning